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Wonderful skin nourisher


Night Cream

This wonderful skin nourisher contains extracts of phyto placenta and will regenerate damaged skin tissue, causing the skin to appear soft, smooth and youthful and will minimise the appearance of acne scars, stretchmarks and blemishes.  Recommended for older skin.  If used early enough it will strengthen the skin and prevent bruising on the hands, arms and legs.

3 reviews for candé PLACENTA CREME

  1. Martha

    I simply love this product!

  2. Jolandi Theron

    Our family has been using Candé products for literally generations and Placenta Creme has always been the number one go-to cream for all of us. I used to use it solely as a nightcream due to the intense richness of the product. The last two batches we’ve received however, have been different in consistency and effect. I now use Placenta Creme as a daycream and have to reapply 2-3 times a day to keep my skin moisturised. It used to be so rich that my face shone from it, regardless of season. Why change a recipe that was perfect? I miss my old Placenta Creme.

  3. Penny

    I miss The Old Placenta cream ( new Placenta’s not the same results ..)

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